FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:              Oldham Area Improvement Corporation:


                                                                                                Roger Eide




Oldham Area Improvement Corporation Offers Free House Lots



Oldham SD, October 23, 2008



The Oldham Area Improvement Corporation is offering free house lots to qualified applicants who will build single-family homes and live in the Oldham community.


Oldham has identified the need and the opportunity to create and encourage the development of affordable single family homes. As a result of that need, the O.A.I.C., working with the city and county have taken abandoned properties and cleared the dilapidated structures and made the lots ready for building new homes.


Oldham is a progressive community and a great place to live and raise your family. We pride ourselves in a large variety of annual events and activities for all to participate in and enjoy. Oldham offers a friendly, small town atmosphere and an excellent education for your children in a safe school system, with small classes, where all students can participate in sports and other extra curricular activities. We offer churches, grocery store, bank, library, museum, and an eating establishment. You will also find lower cost rental homes, In addition to all that Oldham is located in the heart of some of the best outdoor recreational activities is the region. Oldham offers, a short drive to nearby state parks, recreation areas, and lakes that add the perfect backdrop for camping, boating,, fishing, hiking, and hunting.


A variety of employment opportunities can be found within an easy commute from Oldham.  There are businesses that have located or are expanding in the cities of Brookings, Madison, Sioux Falls, Arlington, Lake Preston, DeSmet and Howard.


There is conventional financing available and also several state and federal programs available such as the South Dakota First Time Homebuyers program, South Dakota Housing Authority, FHA, South Dakota Rural Development, and the South Dakota Governorís Housing Program.


Print off the Free Lot Application form from the website for more information about how to apply for the lots.